Welcome to the world of Dr Vijak Haddadi

About Me

Dr. Vijak Haddadi is a visionary entrepreneur, transformation coach, and metaphysical strategist. He has an extraordinary track record in leading ground-breaking innovation initiatives in multiple countries and continents with enterprise, startups, NGOs, universities, and government institutions, implementing and activating exponential technologies like AI, web3, or VR/AR. Dr V is currently leading Syntegral, a revolutionary AI startup which deploys state of the art technology to assess the holistic impact of traded assets. His previous successes include having founded and led Toronto’s most prolific creative incubator for a number of years, with activation events at South by SouthWest, New York Fashion Week, Coachella, CES, TIFF, some of the incubation participants of which are now the leading content creators in their respective niches globally, and having designed and led digital innovation efforts for a major London university and several South London councils, contributing to a significant vitalization of the South London innovation ecosystem.

Backed by a multidisciplinary academic background with a PhD in metaphysics from leading philosophy institutions in London and Paris, an MBA in global innovation from a leading North American business school, an MA in political economy, and a storehouse of experience in guiding, coaching, and consulting hundreds of executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals towards conscious leadership and high-impact success, Dr V has developed and honed a unique method of attunement and attainment which informs all of his work. Grounded on the in-depth analysis of personal, socio-economic, financial, geopolitical, and planetary cycles and trends, Dr V’s method of existential cosmic analytics situates each individual and each organization in their unique context before prescribing strategies for effective transformation, equally drawing on timeless teachings of self-mastery and cutting edge neuro-psychological techniques for consciousness hacking and reality reprogramming